Membership Information

The Pacific Railway Club welcomes employees and retirees from any railroad, railroad regulatory body, academic institution, or the wide array of firms providing goods and services to the rail industry. The club has its roots on the West Coast but has grown to include members from all over the US, Canada, and Mexico.

The Pacific Railway Club offers three types of membership: Active, Honorary, and Life Members…

Active Membership

An Active Member at the time of admission must be (a) actively engaged in railroad service, or (b) in the service of a railroad regulatory body, or (c) a faculty member of a college of recognized standing, or (d) actively engaged is some occupation where he/she cooperates with people in railroad service. Manufacturers and dealers in railroad material, equipment, services, and supplies, their salesmen and representatives are eligible for membership. (e) Retired from any of the above.

Active Members only, when in good standing, shall be permitted to vote and hold office.

Annual dues for all Active Members are $20.00

Honorary Membership

An Honorary Member shall be a person of acknowledged eminence in some branch of railroading or who has rendered some special service to the railroad profession, and must be elected by unanimous vote of all present at a regular meeting.

Life Membership

Life Membership may be extended by the Board of Directors to Active Members who have retired from their railroad or associated duties.

Membership Application Form

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